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Absolutely stunned by how much this pendant has totally improved my life! I use computers and phones a lot for my work and I frequently get headaches from so much screen time. This necklace not only has greatly reduced that strain by blocking the EMF radiation, but it’s also making me feel more grounded emotionally as well. I used to feel like I obsess over my emotions when I am upset, and now I have an easy time just letting things go and being okay.


6 years ago - When the newest addition to our family was born, so was the realization about the harms and dangers of the devices used daily. After looking into PROVEN and REAL solutions for EMFs, we found Shungite. We have done lot

lots of research and you will be able to see how much we LOVE Shungite and we hope that you will see how important it can be to have around. It is truly 'The Miracle Stone'

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