RadiSafe 6 Pack - Harmonizing Stickers

RadiSafe 6 Pack - Harmonizing Stickers

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  • Reduces and shields over 99.5% of EMF Radiation Exposure + Reduces up to 80% Radiation Heat - Tested & proven to decrease the amount of Electromagnetic Radiation, helps change the frequency of harmful EMF / EMR / MMW Radiation generated by electronic devices and protects your body and other around you .

    Wonder How It Works
  • Nearly all electronic devices emit Electromagnetic Frequenices (EMF) and Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). These stickers are made of two different flms, Anti-Radiation and Negative Ion. These release counteractive ions that neutralize EMFS and EMRS into postive ions. Which helps protect you from the harmful effects of EMF Radiation. This can also help protect your ears, brain, and blood cells and body from the harmful effects of radiation.  

How To Use The Stickers 

  • These light weight stickers have a strong adhesive sticker attached. Making it easy to place on your cell phones, wifi modems, bluetooth devices, and other electronic devices. They do not degrade, have a long life, and no need to replace. It does the job of transforming and haminozing radiation into different harmless ions withouth blocking or stopping signals from coming through the devices. 
  • Slim Size : These thin and light weight stickers won’t make a difference in the weight of your phone, they have a fashionable and sleek design.

    It can be attached to your mobile phone, PC, Kindle, Computer, Laptop, Air Conditioner, Refridgerator, Microwave Oven, Printer, Washing Machine...  Anywhere!

    Protect yourself and your family with from any Negative Radiation.
  • Product Features

    •  Harminozes and Shields Over 99.5% of EMF Radiation Exposure AND Reduces up to 80% Radiation Heat – Which Creates A Healthy and Save Environment for you and your family.
    • You may feel more energetic, less stressed, more alert, feel grounded, Greater stamina, and have fewer headaches.
    • This Sticker Can Help Protect Cells against Cell Damage and Electo Pollution.
    • This Small and compact sticker can be put ANYWHERE. It is a small, powerful and portable device!
    • Waterproof, glossy, and interesting design, the sticker can add a nice enhancement to your phone. Can be Used By People who Used Tablets, Laptops, Cell Phones, and Other Electronic Devices Often. Can Help Reduce Effects For Children, Pregnant Women, The Elderly.  
    • People who live or work close to high-voltage electromagnetic transmission towers, substation, radio, radar stations or WIFI Towers, etc
    •  In a perfect world, everyone should get one when they get an electronic device.
  • ** DISCLAIMER **

    ** DISCLAIMER ** 

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