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Family, Passion, and the Shungite Promise

At the heart of The Shungite Shop is a bond unyielding and timeless, spanning three generations: A Grandmother's wisdom, a Mother's nurturing, and a Daughter's vitality.

This trio, bound by blood and purpose, embarked on a journey to create something truly magical.

Our shared passion for Shungite isn't just about its myriad benefits; it's a manifestation of our collective dream – a dream to bring into the world something that resonates with souls young and old.

Every piece we offer carries a fragment of our heart, symbolizing our unwavering belief in its transformative power.

Every element of The Shungite Shop is a testament to our hands-on dedication: from the handcrafted products, the photographs capturing their essence, to the very digital canvas you're navigating.


Our love for Shungite is profound, and we fervently hope you'll embrace it just as we have.


J, C, & L
The Shungite Shop

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