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Frequently Asked Questions 


What type of Shungite do you sell? 

Wee only sell Type II / Petrovsky Shungite. It is polished, but it can also non-polished for a different style / preference.  Type II is also the easiest to shape as it is 50 - 80% Carbon. YES, Shungite is mostly carbon based.  

We have made a personal connection with an amazing Shungite supplier in Karelia, Russia.

He only mines from 'The Zazhoginsky Deposit' - one of the only and largest mine of Shungite in the world!

What are the veins on the Shungite? 

The "veins" that run through Shungite is Pyrite streaks and is natural and each piece can have a individual pattern. 
This is one of the easiest ways to tell if your Shungite is authentic.


Sometimes Shungite does not have many or any veins, but it is less likely. 
Please let us know if you'd prefer your Shungite with a lot of veins / pattern or little to none and we will do

the best to send accordingly.

We only ask, because we typically have more pendants with veins than without.
We think the veins make each pedant have different character and uniqueness, just like all of us!

What is the black dust / residue from?

As Shungite is a natural material that has a high amount of carbon content,

some black residue may come off onto your hands when being handled.
It can also occur if you wash your hands while wearing your bracelet, showering, swimming, even just sweating or your natural ones. It is NOTHING to be worried about!


This carbon dust typically happens with our Necklaces, and Bracelets - 

during the shaping process and post production. 

This is absolutely normal and natural, it can be a great way to verify your products authenticity

To get rid of the black residue you can wash your hands and

Shungite items carefully under warm running water. 

What is REALLY inside of Shungite?

Shungite is MOSTLY carbon based, but what about that other 20 - 50% of micro- and macro elements?It can be elements such as : sulfur, barium, boron, vanadium, molybdenum, nickel, strontium, lead, zinc, copper; oxides of magnesium, silicon, calcium, aluminium, titanium, iron, phosphorus, manganese. 


Can I return a product?

Absolutely! We do our best with customer service, throughout the full experience shopping with us!

That is the bonus of supporting a "medium sized online shop". 

Mom and I take all of the photos on our website and social media pages, we do our

best to show our products accurately and authentically. 

Most of the items are man shaped and handmade in some sort,  this being said

it may be that there are natural variations on the product.

If you are unsatisfied  with your purchase, email contact us ASAP
We will do our best to make things right! 

If your item does arrive damaged, we will be more than happy to replace it for you,

as no cost to you, or we can give a full refund. 
We just ask you to let us know within 5 days of arrival.

We also ask you for your honesty, and photos of the damaged item and / or package.

How does long does shipping take?

Being that we are currently fulfilling all orders ourselves, it can take up a week after purchasing your order that we will prepare the shipping / tracking number. You will receive an email with your parcels tracking number. 

We ship free within North America, anywhere else has a flat shipping fee. 
Shipping can take anywhere from 3 days - 4 weeks, depending where in the beautiful world you are! 

ALL of our parcels have shipping insurance, so if you have ANY concerns, please let us know ASAP. 

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