Where Does Shungite Come From?

We are PROUD to provide you with what would consider the best Shungite products. Our supplier, Micheal, gets the Shungite from the Shunga Village in Karelia Region of Russia, at the Zazhoginsky Deposit.

We have exclusive rights to our designs. Mom and I designed it ourselves, since Shungite can be very fragile, we knew that we needed to stick with a concept that could be managable but also something that could be sleek, modern and a unisex style.

Unlike other companies, we are able to deliver your products FAST, because our products have been shipped to Canada - no endless checking your post box! :} We also offer FREE shipping in North America!

We also offer a FREE clearing for your products, please let us know in the "comments to seller" when you check out. By a clearing we will use our prayer bowl and manifest good vibes, positive thoughts or whatever you'd like for us to focus on before sending to you!

Have a GREAT day! Carly The Shungite Shop