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Photos Of Karelia Region in Russia, From A Friend

I have been lucky to talk to some great people from all of the world while running The Shungite Shop. I have come across a lot of like minded people, connected with soul sisters / brothers and have truly made some great friendship and I hope to meet some of these people in person, in the future! I have been chatting with my friend Grigory for a while now. He is from Russia and loves to take photos of nature, landscapes, architecture and such. Check him out on instagram @ windshear_mircoburst He has sent me some beautiful photos of Russia, specifically the Karelia Region, where Shungite comes from. I like to ask him about the photos; some photos below will have a description, and others may just speak for themselves. Enjoy, Carly

This is lovely Gulf of Finland coast not far from Karelia and also not far from St.Petersburg. I spent a lot of peaceful and idyllic time on different points of this coast. This place is one of my most beloved and I am always ready to go there. No matter what the weather is today, is it cold winter or withering heat, I am happy to find myself on this coast.

Karelian marsh (or swamp if it's better). This type of wetlands, overgrown with small pines and tiny shrubs, are quite common throughout Karelia and Finland. These places are called here "Suo", the word that gave the name to the whole country - Suomi(Finland)

This is an area of the Northern coast of Lake Ladoga. Twisty coastline is full of cliffs and islands of any sizes. These islands are almost uninhabited and quite inaccessible, so this fact conserves their unique ecosystems & pristine nature. In Russia we call this archipelago 'Skerries'

Once again, if you haven't already, check out Grigory's instagram page @windshear_mircoburst and like and follow him. I am so happy to have him as a friend, we enjoy sharing laughs from time to time!

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