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The great thing about our Small Shungite Pyramid is that it can be used nearly anywhere, it has a beautiful shape and can help reduce not only EMFS, but also negative energies and help grounding. Take care of it and the Pyramid will last you a lifetime!


The Pyramid is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and mysterious structures ever built by mankind. The ancient Egyptians believed that it was a symbol of the pharaohs' power and divinity, and that it could protect them in the afterlife. But did you know that you can use a Pyramid in your daily life too?


Aligns Your Mind and Body: The Shungite Pyramid has been used to help people align their mind and body with spiritual energy. It helps you relax, focus better, and reduce stress.


Gives You Mental Clarity: Placing the Shungite Pyramid in your home or workspace can help give you mental clarity and clarity of thought. This can help you make better decisions, stay focused on tasks and goals, and achieve success.


Enhances Feelings of Happiness: The Shungite Pyramid is said to enhance feelings of happiness and positivism in its users. It helps lift spirits, bring about peace of mind, and provide a sense of inner harmony.


Eases Stress and Anxiety: By harnessing the energy from the Shungite Pyramid, users have reported feeling more relaxed and less anxious. Its calming energy can help put worries to rest, allowing users to enjoy life without fear or worry.


Promotes Wellbeing: When using the Shungite Pyramid regularly, many people report feeling more wellbeing overall. This can be attributed to increased physical health as well as mental health; it encourages a balanced lifestyle that supports both body and mind.

1.5" / 4cm SMALL Shungite Pyramid

$32.85 Regular Price
$27.93Sale Price


  • We have done our best to represent the dimensions of this  Pyramid  in the photos. 

    As Shungite is a natural material that has a high carbon content so, some black residue may come off onto your hands when being handled. Shungite has "veins" that run through it, they are natural and each Pyramid can have a individual pattern.

    Caring for your Shungite.

    To keep the healing properties of Shungite active, you can clean your Shungite every week, or at least once a month. Using cold or warm water, soap or salt is optional. You may want to dry your Shungite in the moon light, or in the natural sun for at least 2 hours. 

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