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Beautiful Color Bracelet


🌟 Shungite
Looks Like: A sleek black gem, almost like a tiny piece of the night sky that you can wear!
Magic Powers: Imagine Shungite as your very own superhero shield! It's here to bounce back those tricky vibes and mysterious electronic zaps. And guess what? It helps you find your calm center during whirlwind moments.



🐯 Tiger's Eye
Looks Like: A stone swirling with stripes, making you think of the fierce and proud gaze of a jungle tiger.
Magic Powers: Step into the world with the bravery of a tiger! This stone gives you a boost of courage, helps you see things with eagle eyes, and lets your confidence shine. It’s like having a pocket-sized roar of strength!



🐾 Dalmatian Jasper
Looks Like: A playful stone dotted with black and brown spots, just like a dalmatian puppy's coat.
Magic Powers: With this stone, every day is a playday! It helps bring joy, fun, and a sprinkle of mischief. It's like having a cheerful buddy that's always up for a game.



🍀 Olive Jade
Looks Like: A calming green stone, reminiscent of leaves in a magical forest or a treasure from a faraway land.
Magic Powers: Breathe in kindness and harmony with Olive Jade! It spreads vibes of peace, love, and a tiny touch of good fortune. It’s like having a little whisper of the forest's serenity around your wrist.

Together, these fabulous gems come together in the "Beautiful Color" bracelet. It's not just any bracelet; it's a colorful journey of fun, bravery, and serenity that dances on your wrist! 🌟🐯🐾🍀

Beautiful Color Bracelet - FOR KIDS!

$20.00 Regular Price
$17.00Sale Price


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