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Colourful Kindness Bracelet



🌟 Shungite
Looks Like: A sleek black gem as if a star fell from the night sky just for you.
Magic Powers: Think of Shungite as your personal superhero shield! It's here to fend off those naughty vibes and sneaky electronic zaps. Plus, it whispers calmness to you during wild times.



🐯 Tiger's Eye
Looks Like: A stone with stripes and swirls, just like a majestic tiger's gaze.
Magic Powers: This stone gives you courage and confidence! It helps you stand tall, be brave, and see things clearly. It’s like having a mini tiger by your side, always ready to roar!



🌈 Rainbow Moonstone
Looks Like: A magical gem that dances with colors, kinda like catching a piece of the rainbow!
Magic Powers: Embrace this stone's superpower of feelings and imagination! It helps you navigate those big emotions and sends your creativity on fun adventures. Plus, it's a mini-rainbow you can wear!



🍀 Olive Jade
Looks Like: A gentle green stone, like a leaf from an enchanted forest or a tiny piece of dragon's scale.
Magic Powers: Olive Jade is all about spreading peace, love, and a sprinkle of luck. When you wear it, it’s like being surrounded by a forest of kindness and harmony.

Together, all these wonderful gems create the "Colourful Kindness" bracelet – a magical mix of colors and kindness that wraps around your wrist! 🌟🌈🐯🍀

Colourful Kindness Bracelet - FOR KIDS!

$20.00 Regular Price
$17.00Sale Price


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