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🌟 Shungite
Looks Like: A sleek black gem that could be a piece of the night sky.
Magic Powers: Shungite is like a superhero shield! It helps keep bad vibes and sneaky electronic zaps away. It's also super cool for helping you feel calm when things get a little crazy.



🌈 Rainbow Moonstone
Looks Like: A magical stone that changes colors, just like a rainbow in the sky after rain.
Magic Powers: This stone is like a soft hug from a fluffy cloud! It helps you understand your feelings and makes your imagination go wild. Ever wanted to dream bigger? This stone's for you!



💜 Amethyst
Looks Like: A gem that's the color of unicorn manes!
Magic Powers: This lovely purple stone is like a bedtime lullaby. It helps chase away bad dreams and keeps you calm when things get too noisy or busy. Plus, it’s the color of royal princesses and cool wizards!



💖 Rose Quartz
Looks Like: A piece of pink candy or a mini cotton candy puff.
Magic Powers: It’s the stone of friendship and love! It helps you make friends, feel loved, and even love yourself. Every time you wear it, it's like getting a little heart emoji 💗.

Remember, all these crystals team up in the "Crystal Cave" bracelet to make a super-powered accessory just for you!

Crystal Cave Bracelet - FOR KIDS!

$20.00 Regular Price
$17.00Sale Price


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