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Peace of Mind:

Keep your child safe and secure with this adjustable clasp necklace, designed to help reduce EMFS from wireless devices, cellphones, iPads, and computers. It is crafted with a flat edge style for added comfort and helps reduce the negative effects of EMF exposure. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your child has the protection they need.


Protection from Harmful EMFs:

Give your child extra protection from the harmful effects of EMFs by using this adjustable clasp necklace. The flat edge design ensures a comfortable fit that won't irritate skin and helps reduce the negative impact of wireless devices, cellphones, iPads, and computers on their health. Keep them safe without compromising their comfort.


Convenient & Easy to Wear:

This adjustable clasp necklace is an easy way to provide protection against EMFs without any hassle. The durable construction ensures it won't break or come apart while its adjustable length ensures a perfect fit every time. It's lightweight so your child can easily wear it all day long without feeling weighed down.


Stylish Design:

Your little one can look stylish while staying safe from EMFs with this adjustable clasp necklace! With its modern flat edge design, it's sure to be a favorite accessory for kids of all ages. Not only does it provide them with the protection they need but it looks great too!


A Must-Have Accessory:

This adjustable clasp necklace is an essential accessory for any parent who wants to keep their child protected from EMFs. Its lightweight design ensures comfort and the flat edge style makes it stylish as well as practical. Make sure you have one on hand for whenever you need it

Kids - Shungite Necklace with Breakaway Clasps

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  • ** DISCLAIMER ** 


    If you believe you are afflicted with an illness, please consult with your doctor before undertake any alternative therapy.

    Please do not use Shungite solely as a cure. We do not have any medical background and only promote Shungite as a potential enhancer to your medical regime.​

    Our products and intentions are not meant to be a substitute for
    conventional medical help and advice. 

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