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Pretty Peaceful Bracelet

🌟 Shungite
Looks Like: A sleek black gem that might've fallen from the night sky.
Magic Powers: Shungite is like a superhero shield! It helps keep bad vibes and those sneaky electronic zaps away. Plus, it makes you feel calm, especially when things around you get a little wild.



🐾 Dalmatian Jasper
Looks Like: A stone with spots, just like a dalmatian puppy's fur!
Magic Powers: This spotty stone is a friend-maker! It helps you have fun, be playful, and feel happy. It's like having a tiny pet stone that always wants to play.



💎 Clear Quartz
Looks Like: A piece of ice that never melts or a magical crystal from a fairy's wand.
Magic Powers: This crystal is all about clarity! It's like having a little helper to make your thoughts clear and bright. And guess what? It also boosts the magic of the other stones!



💜 Amethyst
Looks Like: A gem that's as purple as a unicorn's mane!
Magic Powers: The amazing purple stone is like a bedtime lullaby. It helps chase away those pesky bad dreams and makes you feel calm when everything gets too noisy.

All these magical crystals come together in the "Pretty Peaceful" bracelet, making it the perfect accessory to help you shine and feel peaceful all day long!

Pretty Peaceful Bracelet - FOR KIDS!

$20.00 Regular Price
$17.00Sale Price


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