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Ultimate Protection from Negative EMFS: Our shungite stickers are small but mighty! They provide ultimate protection from negative EMFs emitted by cellphones, laptops, and wireless devices. These stickers will harmonize your devices to help reduce the amount of harmful radiation you come in contact with.


Modern Style & Design: Our shungite stickers feature a modern black design that looks great on any device. The slim size makes it easy to peel and apply without taking away from the device’s look. You won’t even notice they’re there, but you’ll be sure to feel their effects!


Easy Application: Our shungite stickers make it easy for anyone to protect their devices against negative EMFs. With our simple peel-and-stick process, you can begin shielding your devices in no time at all.


Variety of Uses: Our shungite stickers have many uses beyond protection from EMFs. Use them to add a unique touch to your device or even as decorative art pieces around your home or office! With our 5 or 10 pack options, there are plenty of creative possibilities.


Affordable & Reliable: We know how important it is for people to have access to reliable and affordable safety measures for their devices, which is why we offer our shungite stickers at an unbeatable price point. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are protecting yourself and loved ones without breaking the bank in the process!

Shungite Sticker - For ANY Device!



  • Are you looking for a way to make your home a healthier and safer environment?

    Look no further! Our unique sticker provides reliable protection against cell damage while promoting overall health.

    Just place the sticker on any surface in your home, and immediately begin feeling more energetic, less stressed, more alert, grounded, and with greater stamina--all without pesky headaches.  
    The sticker works by blocking out negative energy and helps restore balance to the body.

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