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EMF – Electromagentic Radiation

Updated: May 6, 2020

EMF – Electromagentic Radiation - is a simple wave, a low level of radiation that is surrounding our environments and is in contact with our bodies and cells. EMF waves can be produced by any devices that “power our lives” – Cell Phones, Tablets, Computer, Microwaves, Internet Modems, Bluetooth Devices, Smart TV’s, Car’s with Bluetooth / radio, GPS, to be honest, pretty much anything plugged in. And we are more “plugged in” than ever!

5G Towers being built, there is an even higher frequency of EMF’s, and it is unsure of the effects that this radiation could be on humans. From what we have researched it has been said that they are planning to increase the number of cell towers because the waves have a “shorter travel distance”, which is quite frankly, mind blowing!

Electromagnetic radiation (electromagnetic fields) is by definition: a kind of radiation including visible light, radio waves, gamma rays, and X-rays, mircowaves and magnetic fields vary simultaneously.

Here is an article that the WHO has released about EMF's and the effects :


What can you do to help? You can start by accessing your house, office, car, anything you use daily. Think about and consider where the exposure may be coming from.

Would you be willing to not use the microwave as much? Are you okay with turning off your phone, or even put it in airplane mode when you are using it? What about turning off your internet modem at night? Would you be willing to go back to wired headphones or AUX cords; instead of ear pods, or Bluetooth speakers?

Shungite is an addtional nautral solution to reduce EMF's

  • We sugguest putting Shungite close to your phone when using it, and you could even use a disc under your phone when charging it.

  • Have a Shungite piece on close to your laptop / computer

  • Put Shungite on your internet router / modem

  • Wear a Shungite necklace and keep it on your skin to get the best benefits

  • Keep a Palm Stone in your pocket, purse, wallet, bag

  • We even suggest putting Shungite in your car as it may help while driving

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