We wanted a style that was not readily available - we came up with our custom designs - we liked how it looked and how it felt - we worked with a friend in Russia

to produce them for us -

we hope you like them too!

  • SHUNGITE know "The Miracle Stone" is claimed contain special healing powers. Which have the the ability to stabilize, heal, and promote growth in all living organisms, and shield harmful EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) Pollution. 

  • Believe it or not, Shungite can conduct electricity. This being said it can help neutralize radiation given off by literally any electronic device. 

  • It is considered a grounding stone which is great to use for meditating, reiki and metaphysical purposes! 

  • In 1996 the Nobel Prize was won when research discovered antioxidant fullerenes within the stone. The fullerenes that make Shungite so rare of made of  molecular formations specific to Carbon. Shungite can also be used a water filter just as normal carbon filters are used.

  • It has also been claimed to contain nearly all of the periodic table, and contains minerals and elements such as silicates, crystalline silica, and sulfites. 


Our Shungite is from The Karelia Region of Russia, specifically 'The Zazhoginsky Deposit.'

One of the ONLY mines of Shungite. 

Our Friend / Supplier chooses the best pieces from 'The Zazhoginsky Deposit' , then goes to his workshop and works on making them into our specific design and then they get priority shipped to our warehouse.  Once we have received them, we  hand-make the bracelets and necklaces. 

The BEST thing about Shungite is it is considered one of the best EMF protections available.
We have a great variety of anti-emf protection products that can be used personally, around the house or as a nice gift!